Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Consolidated Ride Information

This blog has a companion website, Greater Appalachian Valley Tours.

It would actually be more accurate to say this blog is part of the Greater Appalachian Valley Tours web presence. Because the goal always has been to build a web presence, not "just" a blog.

Blogs are great ways to present new and timely information. But, since information is typically presented in a most-recent-post-first format, it isn't always easy to find specific stuff when you are looking for it.

So, while new ride posts will always be featured here first, they will also be cataloged on the website. Each state will have a ride index. There's no index for Pennsylvania yet, but I wanted to go ahead and share the location of the indexes for the other states, which are as follows:

Maryland Rides -

West Virginia Rides -

Virginia Rides -

That should make finding information on the one ride you are looking for on any given day easier, right?

I added a little navigation tool on the left. I labeled it "Handy Dandy Ride Index." I figured that would be self-explanatory enough.

As you peruse my blog and website, if you have any problems, wish things were done differently, etc., please be sure to let me know. I've built this thing for you after all.

What do you think so far? Have you told all of your friends yet?

Those convenient little buttons just below this post on the left are designed to make sharing this post easy. You can share by e-mail. You can blog about me if you use Blogger. You can Tweet, share to Facebook, and even share via Google Buzz. Although I must admit, I'm not exactly sure myself what Google Buzz is all about. Note to self... "look into Google Buzz."

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