Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Capon Springs and Farm Resort/Spa

Hubby and I love our WV home. It’s cozy. And peaceful. The dogs LOVE it. Amazing motorcycle roads are abundant. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for us. The only bad thing is that it’s too close to Capon Springs.

The WV Place is located in Hampshire County, West Virginia, a county that straddles the edge of the Eastern Panhandle and Potomac Highlands regions of the state. It just happens that the Capon Springs and Farms resort/spa is also in Hampshire County. Which means, even if it is the coolest little place ever, it would feel sort of stupid for us to go and stay there.

This map shows our place (the “A” pin) in relation to Capon Springs (the “B” pin) and our Maryland house, which is about halfway between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

It’s not that we’re spa people or anything. It’s that the place is just so darn cute. It’s exactly the sort of place we like to stay when on vacation. It’s old (est. ~1840), very well maintained and situated on 4,700 acres in the Allegheny foothills just outside a piece of the George Washington National Forest.

We discovered it by accident back in August. Back then, I knew I wanted to return to explore more. That’s what we did on Saturday. Although it was a beautiful day, our motorcycles were out of commission. Both needed new back tires, which Hubby bought and mounted on the wheels, but he left a crucial part at the Maryland house. So we just took the truck.

It really is a neat little place with all sorts of stuff to do. There’s hiking, golf, fishing, tennis and swimming. Did I mention the full-service spa? The outdoor volleyball court. The croquet course set up on the lawn?

This place manages to be quaint without being the least bit tacky.

It really is a spring, too, as in water. There’s water bubbling up in a variety of places (like the ornamental ball in the above image). Their Web site says, “A bottle of refreshing Capon Water is provided in all guest rooms. Please take it home with you when you leave so you may enjoy the benefits of good healthy spring water between your Capon visits. You are also welcome to bring your own containers and fill them at any of the fountains around the grounds.”

Speaking of the grounds, there’s this neat swing on the lawn. There are Adirondack chairs everywhere you look. There are also hammocks and other assorted benches scattered strategically in spots that are sure to inspire deep contemplation.

In case you’re wondering, this is not a paid endorsement. We’ve never even stayed at the place. It’s just so darn charming, I figured I’d tell the world so maybe a friend or two could come and enjoy it.

I’d guess the best times are Fall (mid- to late-October) and Spring. There are huge old rhododendron bushes in front of several of the cottages. Plus little flower gardens galore.

Here are some more images of the place…

If you decide to stay there, do let me know how it is. It’s a bit weird to talk-up a place you’ve never stayed. But, really, it’s just so darn charming.

After we left Capon Springs, we drove up to Capon Bridge for dinner at our favorite Hampshire County restaurant, El Puente. Then we took the scenic route home, which is where I snapped the closing image I have dubbed…

Fall on the Cacapon River

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Anonymous said...

Really cool write-up. Well done. My cousin is getting married there in May, so I'm really looking forward to it. Great pics too.